Where do you go to my Lovely?

griefDeath is as old as the hills but a new experience for everyone whose time is up. The ultimate confrontation of finality and farewell comes in many forms but always has the same result.

Each of us has our own concept of what happens when Life forecloses and the Piper must be paid along with the Ferryman to take us across. But our limited understanding keeps us blinkered, although stories of those who returned from Death’s Door give us some idea.

Losing a loved one is perhaps the hardest pain to bear and opens our soul to questioning the purpose of life. Some people actually die of a broken heart when the pain outweighs any meaningful answer. The role of the priest is to provide spiritual comfort and context where the burden of loss is too much to bear.

As Paul Simon sang in ‘Graceland':

‘And she said losing Love

Is like a window in your Heart

Everybody sees you’re blown apart

Everybody sees the wind blow’

The most profound moments are those unaccompanied by words, they fall short in expressing our feelings. Heartfelt emotions are best expressed by demonstration in physical form when our own energy can merge with the recipient. Just giving someone a hug has more value than any words can deliver.

Our ability to give love is the greatest contribution we can make in our short span of life. It celebrates our humanity and gives faith to others. It is what we are most remembered for when our time has come to take the final journey and is our silent epitaph in perpetuity.

compassionEven the hardest heart can melt when exposed to the Flame of Love and Compassion, available to all but only practised by some. The act of kindness by sharing another person’s grief and giving them love is a reward in itself by knowing you have really helped someone in need.

As to where you go to, my Lovely, is perhaps not as important as where you have been and how you will be remembered.

Time is our most precious commodity and deserves to be spent well, the more time spent on giving love to others being the best investment.

After all, it attracts the highest interest.

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