Trust minus the Rust

Trust your intuition. Trust me. In God we Trust. Every politician, every salesman and ‘professional’ service compete for our trust. Subtle sales pitches focus on establishing that warm, fuzzy feel-good factor of having your problem solved or need fulfilled. Trust is the hardest thing to establish and the easiest thing to break. A basic need in us all is to be loved and cared for, our welfare being the most important consideration in selecting a product or service.

How many of us bother to sift through the fine print of lictrust2ence or service agreements each time we subscribe to a new offering in the marketplace? We buy with emotion and justify with logic, so our hierarchy of needs is assessed very carefully by those wishing to satisfy them, not necessarily for our benefit. Duty of care has adopted a much greater role in our transactions of a commercial nature, whereby the consequences of delivering goods or services that breach the code of trust can be quite serious.

So, essentially, trust means duty of care is implicit and the rights of the consumer are protected. Family trusts are protected tax havens, the trustees of investment and superannuation funds are meant to be prudential watchdogs overseeing the interests of investors and trust funds are held by solicitors to hold their clients funds in good faith.

Hitler managed to gain the trust of a nation by utilising a small band of supporters made to look like an army by having them marching around a city block repeatedly. Military parades and fly-bys attempt to garner the trust of the populace by a show of strength.

Sales of washing powder are boosted by 35% if the demonstrator wears a laboratory coat. That ‘Colgate ring of confidence’ is as vital to sales as baby powder is to Johnson & Johnson and 43 beans are to Nescafé.

We have become accustomed to a world in which the large print gives it all away while the small print takes it all back. With smartphones being the latest platform of targeted marketing, commercial interests have never had it so good. Tailor made advertising appeals to just the right cohort of consumer in their most receptive comfort zone.

burgerWe rely on trust every time we step out the front door that we will return home; marriage, family ties and friendships are forged by the trust we place in each other.

Christ exhorted us to ‘lay up treasures for yourself not on Earth but in Heaven, where neither moth nor rust do consume’. The ultimate trust is that which we have in ourselves to do unto others as we would have done to us.

That trust doesn’t rust and is the greatest legacy.


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