Traces of Nuts

That ‘one man’s meat is another man’s poison’ supports Hermann Hesse’s assertion that ‘what seems right and appropriate to one man is slightly odd to another’.

Most of us can handle exposure to different foods, however for some even the slightest intake of shellfish or nuts can result in a rapid display of anaphylactic shock sometimes resulting in death.

cultureCultural differences can also account for extreme reactions, a well-meant compliment in one country being an insult in another. One species we may be, but our differences within that definition are many and varied. Each person’s voice is so unique that voice recognition software is 60 times more accurate than fingerprinting in identifying an individual. Nature’s key to survival lies in diversity and adaptability and ‘survival of the fittest’ determines who stays and who goes.

The upshot of all this is that ‘you can’t please everyone’. There will always be standing room only in the Ark and some animals will be left behind. If Noah would have accepted bribes he would have been the first people smuggler, just as well as animals don’t carry cash.

noahIf the Biblical yard glass was forty days and forty nights both for Noah and Jesus in the Wilderness, our modern day standard is 24, both for hours in the day and beers in a carton, our metric aspirations still eclipsed by our Imperial past.

Some things change quickly, while others resist the tug of time, rooted in the comfortable assertion that what brought us here is good enough and if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

In spite of our differences, our global perspective requires the common obstacles such as climate change, wealth distribution and justice to be fixed, otherwise we all end up broke.

Nothing funny about that, it’s just nuts.


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