Social media or social mania?

imageNew kid on the block, Tsu, has brought all the weevils out of the woodwork to feast on a new type of gold fever. There’s gold in them thar networks, to recoin the phrase and there’s no shortage of prospectors chasing the promise of gold. If ‘fools rush in where angels fear to tread’ is this a pot of ‘fool’s gold’ at the end of the rainbow? In short, yes and no.

The two major new features of Tsu are the distribution of profits amongst members and the ability to cross promote on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

The compensation model is straight MLM four levels deep, nothing wrong with that, though purists may argue the toss, it will still work well if used properly. The ‘fools’ have wasted no time in distinguishing their presence on the network with the old tools of the trade such as spamming, rorting and mass follow/unfollow techniques to gain a maximum number of followers.

Their ‘gravy train’ will inevitably result in a train wreck as their appeal is to those wishing to make a fast buck with little or no effort.

Content creators receive half of the compensation, the remaining half being shared by upline sponsors. So to be compensated, one must either create good content or sponsor people who will.

The ‘fools’ who think that they will get rich simply by following and resharing indiscriminately are only lining the pockets of others. Like attracts like and these will be the first casualties of this new goldrush. The ‘wailing and gnashing of teeth’ will come from them.

Just as there’s no point in giving a kid a hot turbo before he’s learnt to drive properly first, in order to succeed with Tsu the basic principles must be understood properly. MLM is a mechanism and not an end in itself. There is no substitute for product quality and vendor integrity. People buy from whom they trust and will not promote your product if this is not the case.

The beauty of the amalgamation of network marketing and social media is the speed and reach of dissemination with appropriate recognition of the source. Anything worthwhile takes some focus and application and will require time to manifest.

imageA few may find a ‘quick buck’ but to become a sustainable, reliable form of income generation will require persistence in developing downlines and producing content that adds value to people.

The ones that did best out of previous goldrushes were the Chinese who sold the tools to the miners, leaving the gold for the ‘fools’.

If you would like to join Tsu, you can here

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