Social Butterfly or Social Flutterby?

imageWith the rise of social media in its many different formats, the former notion of a ‘pen pal’ has taken on new dimensions. Each platform has a different flavour and style that suits different needs, albeit all in the ambit of personal communications.

Differences aside, the social protocols are the same across the spectrum and basic common sense and sensitivity are all important. The fork in the road comes down to whether you are pushing your own barrow (which we all do to varying degrees) or whether you’re expanding your horizons by being open to communicating with new people and opening up to their interests.

Meaningful relationships will be a mixture of both of the above. Contributing relevant advice or assistance depends on the awareness of the needs of the other party, hence permission based marketing is the way to achieve this.

Some of the most successful online personalities have started out with purely non-commercial intent and through their passion and exuberance for their ‘hobby’ have garnered large followings of like-minded souls who don’t feel threatened by a sales pitch. Sales are generated when there is a recognition of real value in the commodity or service so it is important to ‘over deliver’ in order to gain traction and recognition.

Social butterflies are those who at least give as much as they receive, whereas the ‘flutterby’ is more interested in what they can take away for themselves. It becomes evident quite quickly which type you are on social media and also in the wider arena of everyday life.

Flutterbies are here one day and gone the next as there is no social cohesion to establish a fabric of interaction that is the fulcrum of meaningful communication. The one way ticket to oblivion is the only certainty for those who do not extend a care factor to their intended audience. Social media platforms themselves are getting better at monitoring this aspect, with penalties being applied for transgressions and infringements of personal liberties and considerations.

imageBetter to stay on the safe side of sorry and exercise caution when attempting to influence readers with marketing ploys that don’t use a straight bat. Even the use of pop ups is questionable as it is unsolicited and very annoying to some of us, myself included.

Do unto others, etc….

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