Skeletons in the Closet

imageWe’ve all got ’em. You name it, our dark side or shadow, our clandestine ‘other’.

The stock market may run on fear and greed as motivators but the biggest corporations of all, religions, have a field day with all seven deadly sins, neatly bundled together under one big banner.

Mea Culpa, Original Sin…all just other words for that worst of emotions…’Guilt’!.

Frogmarched into repentance by our inability to process this emotion, we become easy victims to be press-ganged into subservience of whichever Overlord happens to be in the seat of power, from Islam to Christianity.

Only something as all-consuming as Guilt can beguile us into the perfect mousetrap of confidence trickery purveyed by those bastions of exploitation which deign to presume their authority.

Commercial advertising with all its subliminal seduction and sycophantic succour is but a baby lamb or innocent child compared to the monopoly of soul domination by religions.

Here’s the kicker.. we make the first down payment on redemption when we label ourselves as a ‘sinner’.

Why do we so easily commit this form of ‘Hari Kari’?

Judas hanging himself for betraying Christ is understandable but why should we be paying the same price two thousand years later for a crime we didn’t commit?

It is when we lose faith in ourselves that we become part of the ‘flock’ that requires the Good Shepherd to lead us to the faith in something ‘other’ than ourselves.

What was that ‘mustard seed of faith’ referring to?

Out there or in here?

Who am I? Dare I eat a peach (let alone an apple!)?

‘This is the way the world ends, not with a bang but a whimper’ to quote T.S. Eliot.

A quiet suffocation won’t disturb the neighbours, after all, community service can take many forms, Hitler was just too heavy-handed compared to the Church which had a mortgage on our soul and didn’t need to foreclose.

By the way, in case you didn’t notice, none of this is any accident. There are perfectly good and legitimate reasons for this unquestioning acquiescence.

We are inherently lazy. That’s why they invented work.

Our brains are the same.

It requires energy to think outside the square and not follow the herd.

It’s a lot easier to subscribe to someone else’s lie than it is to discover imageour own Truth.

So we become ‘fair game’ for any con out there.

There used to be a TV show called ‘Pick a Box’.

Another one was called ‘You Asked For It!’

Ring a bell?

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Welcome to this blog, my name is Bill and I look forward to being able to facilitate your journey of self discovery through articles, personal development tools and life skills which will not only liberate the potential within you from an emotional perspective but also to provide tools that will enable you to do some of the things you've always wanted and hoped you could do. I will introduce new material each week to build on a framework of progressive structure that speaks to most of the issues that tend to hold us back from achieving what is possible.

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