imageIn the post of two weeks ago ‘Days like This’ we looked at alignment and being in the ‘zone’. A further unintended result can quite often be windfall events that are a bonus.

Good fortune can be nurtured by good intention, not as a linear causality but rather as an indirect expression of bounty or cornucopian vision.

If we are generous in our approach to our ‘dharma’ or ‘universal responsibility’, so too is the ripple effect that is created which in turn can be amplified through ‘resonance’ or ‘striking the right chord’.

There is an alchemical process at work here which cannot be directly manipulated but can be harnessed within a synergy of thought and action similar to an ‘offering to the gods’. As a byline an old joke comes to mind about the Christian priest and the Jewish rabbi. When asked about their methods of collecting donations for the Church, the priest replied that a plate is passed around the congregation and money is given to the Church whereas the rabbi said that they do the same with one small difference. After the plate has been passed around, the money is tossed into the air, God keeps what he wants and the remainder is kept by the rabbi!

Cynical attempts at exploitation of these energy principles will only backfire on the proponent, possibly with dire consequences resulting from the amplification effect. Fallen angels indeed.

So our intention here is key. Both purity and impurity will reap their own appropriate harvest. As we see the world, so too the world sees us. Yin and Yang, God and the Devil, saint and sinner are both sides of the same coin. Which of these you put your money on will pay out in kind.image

The jackpot lies somewhere in the middle.  Harmony and Balance will be the metrics that determine where it falls but it will be in there.

Many names have been given to it: Heaven, Nirvana, Paradise, etc.

May we all find it eventually.

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written by Marine Auld On 6 November 2014 Reply

“Appreciate you sharing, great blog.Really looking forward to read more. Fantastic.”

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