Round up the Usual Suspects

imageApart from seven days in a week, the seven wonders of the world and the seven dwarfs, we also have the seven deadly sins. Fortunately there are the seven heavenly virtues to save us. 

We are probably just as guilty now as we always have been as far as falling victim to the weaker side of our nature but the liberalism that is inherent in an emancipated society allows us greater latitude in our transgressions, after all, they make great targets for sales pitches as we can see in almost every advertisement.

Analyse the psychology behind effective marketing for consumer products and services and Pride, Envy and Greed will be lurking in there somewhere. Gluttony, Lust, Sloth and Anger are always ready reserves for a different slant if the others have been overworked.

More than being the usual suspects, however, our seven Deadlies are the hot buttons that clinch that sale. Seduction can take many forms, none more effective than pandering to our baser instincts by making us feel that we are losers by not having them satisfied.

The virtues don’t even get a look-in. Can you imagine an ad for faith, hope or temperance? Wouldn’t sell much. The wheels would fall off the wagon of commerce as abstainers file off to church. Can’t have that.

No, we need our indulgences so that we can survive and live in harmony with the mutual recognition of our weaknesses. Live and let live and die another day, for today we party. The music’s still playing and the Fat Lady’s nowhere in sight.

The oldest profession in the world needs no advertising as word of mouth is more than enough to secure its continuity. The fire down below keeps ’em coming.

As we saw in last week’s post, our legal system is never short of offenders to process, each one having fallen prey to one of the sins. Though the wages of sin may be death, the hours must be good judging by the numbers of willing contractors.

imageStrapped to the Catherine Wheel of Birth and Death, we cling to the spokes of Agony with fervent Desire and Passion, spending our currency as fast as we can before it runs out.

Buddha realised this and went one better than seven with his eightfold Path. No money in it though, hence the begging bowl. If crime doesn’t pay, then virtue requires a mortgage on the soul that most of us won’t afford.

The credit card is the new communal plate, play now and pay later the modern version of Doctor Faustus and his contract with the Devil, the one thing you can’t leave home without.

Just hope the Fat Lady cancels.

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