Rock me gently

imageWhat is it about rocking that puts babies to sleep, allows grandparents to relax and mixed with rolling, provides entertainment for those in between?

Perhaps the answer lies in a feeling of balance. Whether it is a redistribution of our centre of gravity or a stimulation of our aural balance mechanism, this soother has been utilised since time immemorial. When we are presented with an issue which requires a decision we are unsure about, we want to ‘toss it over’ in our minds. This process of evaluation is a form of rocking, albeit a mental one.

What we are actually trying to achieve is an alignment of our centres of motivation – physical, emotional and spiritual – to reach the decision that best satisfies these criteria.

This is what we know as the ‘Aha!’ moment when these spheres coalesce into a unified motive. Sometimes this can happen spontaneously or by a trigger, however stress is created while we still anguish over what we should do.

The stress hormone, cortisol, is most easily broken down by physical exercise. Rock ‘n roll is more than just fun, it’s healthy! Mental stress is created when we need to produce a result from insufficient resources. The reflective state induced by soothing rocking allows us to explore alternative solutions that we may have overlooked.

imageThe popularity of fishing as a pastime is a form of meditation or a legitimate reason to ‘do nothing’ as it induces this type of reflection. The bumpersticker “I’d rather be fishing” implies more than just fish.

A golden rule to prevent stage fright in public speaking is to keep your body moving whilst you address the audience. The physical kinetic energy circulating through the body assists the mind to maintain a momentum instead of ‘locking up’.

If adaptability is the key to our survival, rebalancing is a cornerstone of our ability to cope with change. The ‘dance of life’ should be exactly that, a dance instead of a walk over hot coals.

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