Qi Jong Energy

Ever feel there’s more to your body than meets the mind?

For over 4 millennia men and women from the Far East have practiced a self-healing method that requires no strength, no effort, and very little time. It’s so safe that young children and the elderly use it even to this day. When used correctly, it circulates your life force energy through your body and activates your cells. As you feel this, your life force energy takes your attention and brings it inward. As it grows, your mind connects to the present moment into total relaxation and calmness. This energy manipulation can be used to heal, strengthen, and nourish your body.

Pronounced ‘Chee’, Qi is invisible. You cannot see it, but you feel its existence. As It travels through your meridians – energy highways within your body – It beats your heart, nourishes your muscles, and even gives rise to your conscious activities.

This is Qi Gong – “Qi” meaning energy and “Gong” meaning cultivation.



Discover How “Qi” Energizes Your Body

Your body enters into a state of flow. Your mind returns to the present moment. Both body and mind harmonizes, awakens your dormant energy, and activates your body’s inner healing power..Your Qi starts to flow easily…

As the sensation of Qi grows stronger in your body… it naturally draws your attention inward and relaxes your mind into a meditative zone easily and effortlessly.Your Qi flows stronger…

Your body releases tension into flow. Your mind transforms stress into power. Your spirit elevates towards the direction of your Qi.Your Qi flows even stronger now…

Repeat these movements… and your Qi grows in a continuous cycle.