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This blogroll seems to be coming of age in that, all of a sudden, a big wave of new engagers has arrived and they have left very positive comments.

As a result, it seems only fair that the gate should be opened for more interaction from all you good folk out there.

Please feel free to bring forward topics for discussion or questions you may have so a relevant blogpost can allow others to contribute with their comments also.

This is exciting, we should all be able to help each other here. The thread is personal development so keeping relevance is important.

Any suggestions or questions can be left in the comments section below this post.

A blog has fulfilled its mission if it results in an open forum which then belongs to the readers and participants.

If at least one person derives benefit in a way that improves their lives then this whole exercise will have been worthwhile.


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Welcome to this blog, my name is Bill and I look forward to being able to facilitate your journey of self discovery through articles, personal development tools and life skills which will not only liberate the potential within you from an emotional perspective but also to provide tools that will enable you to do some of the things you've always wanted and hoped you could do. I will introduce new material each week to build on a framework of progressive structure that speaks to most of the issues that tend to hold us back from achieving what is possible.

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