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The first thing that needs to be done with generating a passive income online is to consider presenting offerings without cost of goods sold (i.e. it doesn’t cost you anything). This means affiliate marketing.

The second necessity is an online platform to attract visitors and expose them to your advertising for those affiliate products. Honey attracts more flies than vinegar, so the site needs to be one that arouses curiosity and demonstrates a benefit for the visitor.

Next, a marketing campaign to gain further exposure. This might include paid advertising such as Adwords or Facebook ads but also an active distribution of your website posts to relevant networks and social media streams.

These are the basic elements required to get going. From here it will require analysing response, modifying and refining targeting methods both inbound and outbound.

The objective is to establish an automated mechanism generating a passive income without manual intervention. The site and products need to be fresh and contemporary. Any fee-for-service offerings must be well thought out and structured to cause minimum disruption to the goal of getting paid while asleep or on (permanent?) vacation.

Prior to the Internet, the only hope of doing this without large investing was either by royalty income from patents, writing books or being pensioned off from a government service.

Of course, this new level playing field means lots more competition so it will be necessary to find a niche that is not well served. Once found, it is important to try and set a new benchmark of quality in that niche.

Word-of-mouth is particularly important on social media, so the first impressions a visitor receives are vital, as are follow-ups to comments and customer relations. Integrity is the key.

For those with little knowledge of information technology, it is highly recommended to obtain assistance such as LHTB which will save lots of time and effort and establish the shortest learning curve.

imageThe ultimate success in establishing passive income this way will be determined by focus, persistence and determination and although it may take quite some time, the payoff will be second to none.

Money may not grow on trees but it does grow on confidence. Utilise some of the principles mentioned in Irresistible Influence.

People don’t like being sold to but they love to buy. 

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