One way ticket


Michelangelo once quoted ‘only a soul in agony can bring forth a blazing star’. So many gifted and prominent celebrities have taken their own lives, whether intentional or not.

It’s difficult for us to accept although we try to understand why this happens along with everything else that is going on in the world.

No judgment is necessary, just recognition.


I recognise my car. I’ve seen it before, it’s no déjà vu.

If I was blindfolded, I might be able to do it by feel but I would have to literally ‘re-cognise’, a bit like the elephant in the room.

So it’s a rethink as well, which happens every time we lose something which is precious to us.

When we are stopped in our tracks and the wind is taken out of our sails, we have to start over with a new realisation, one that knows that what we took for granted has been withdrawn.

Maybe that which doesn’t kill us makes us stronger but a part of us dies along the way.

Vale Robin Williams, Vale MH370, Vale MH17, Iraq, Gaza, etc.

Have a nice day.


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written by Freddie Hartranft On 7 October 2014 Reply

Really enjoyed this blog article.Thanks Again. Cool.

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