More Equal than Others

imageWhether the henhouse was built to keep the chickens in or keep the foxes out matters little if there’s a hole in the wire. For a farmer with sick poultry an insurance claim on stock losses from feral invaders is a better financial outcome than putting them down.¬†American banks and investment brokers have now been fined a running total of $200 billion since the GFC for their part in cartel practices. Congress saw fit to pass that same figure on in tax cuts for the wealthiest 0.2% while 30 million kids live below the poverty line in the Land of Hope and Glory.

Some things never change. If God sent his only Son to save us, he may well need to have a few more progeny to get the job done. The disparity of the haves to have-nots is becoming so highly polarised that it draws a close resemblance to the heady days of imperial Russia before the Revolution.

History repeats itself for those who fail to heed its lessons and we seem to be no exception to the rule. Greed knows no limit and can only be suppressed by a majority verdict, usually only forthcoming if too many chickens have disappeared and the foxes get too fat and lazy to escape.

So Justice must seem to be done even if it isn’t, the random rap over the knuckles for the odd Big Bad Wolf being a panacea for a restive public, similar to the lions devouring the unlucky Christian in full public view at the Roman Ring.

This pound of flesh keeps Shylock at bay until the next major travesty of public trust when the whole carcass is called for. Maybe we have arrived at the point where the auctioneer, bawling out his wares, has transformed into the dachshund, wearing out his ….

Either way, we have yet to achieve lift-off when it comes to ‘thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven’. Until we do unto others as we would unto ourselves we will be forever chasing our own tail in vain, victim to the pitfalls of the Usual Suspects.

imageThe idea of Rapture is as self-absorbed as ‘too Big to Fail’, neither of these notions being sustainable or equitable, the only way to solving the problem lying in the realisation that more equal or less equal is no different to half full or half empty. Equal applies to everyone.¬†There will be a revolution to come, but this time the peasants won’t be the ones who are revolting, it will be the rich who will be defined by a stench which is truly revolting.

Not the smell of money, just obnoxious superiority in thinking they are too good for this Animal Farm.

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