Lost in Battle

imageCollateral Damage. That’s what it’s called. Friend or Foe, you lose.¬†Whether it’s Gaza, Iraq or the Ukraine, countries in Africa or South America, the swathe of innocents caught up in other people’s wars are classified as collateral damage, a convenient term that seeks to justify a senseless waste as a ‘cost of doing business’. To see our fellow man as a commodity is the ultimate insult that can only be countenanced by the Hitlers of this world. Unfortunately they are not in short supply and from North Korea to Islamic State rebels there will always be some hotshot inflicting their stamp of brutality.

The imperialist legacies don’t escape vilification either with problem areas like the Middle East owing their frictions to the architects of the colonial empires that controlled resource rich third world countries.

Territorial disputes are fuelled far more by religious differences than linguistic ones and drawing borders based on religion is like a red rag to a bull when it comes to differences between neighbours.

Pakistan and Israel are both examples of this ‘fence me in’ mentality, powder kegs that can easily be ignited through insurgencies or cross-border conflicts. Religious zealotry is the fuse rather than territorial imperatives. It only takes one incident to light that fuse.

Buddhists, Moslems and Christians can live in harmony when their borders are based on language instead of religion. The Crusades were just as bloody and cruel as the Moorish Invasion, both inspired by religious imperatives to gain territorial control.

Apartheid based on race was bad enough but genocide based on religion shows no mercy and knows no bounds. How can any denial of humanity be justified in the name of religion? How could any God be so cruel?

If God created man in his own image, man created religion in his own image. We all rely on the same Divine Inspiration that created this Universe, to draw a line in the sand is the ultimate blasphemy.

imageTo define God and proscribe Nature is to have us believe that a child gives birth to the mother and that the Sun orbits a flat Earth.

The truth will never be told through the lips of a liar, it is only when the lie is exposed that the truth can be seen.

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