Looking at the same Moon

imageCarl Jung established that we all dream similar archetypes or symbolic representations regardless of our creed or colour. The realm of human experience has also been neatly categorised by the ancient Chinese oracle, the I Ching. Oddly enough, there are 64 hexagrams within the I Ching and also 64 squares on a chessboard. 64 is also the first whole number that is both a perfect square and a perfect cube. So where is this leading us to?

Binary representation is a native language for the Universe, yin and yang, light and dark, male and female, etc. In the same way that we see the Sun’s reflection in the Moon, we see our reflection by the signals or biofeedback we get from the world around us.

We tend to relate to our experiences in a subjective manner, taking the results of our actions as a personal scorecard. We need to do this so that we learn from our mistakes but all too often we ascribe our own shortcomings to the person we think we are rather than our actions.

We look to the heavens to find mercy while we have no mercy towards ourselves. We need a priest to remind us that God loves us while we think of all the reasons that He shouldn’t.

If we could only see our true selves as being separate from the emotion we feel then we would understand that everyone feels the same way as we do.

The advantage this gives us is to ‘give ourselves a break’ and accept that we are here to learn from our mistakes and overcome our own shortcomings. There is no sin in that.

With this self-forgiveness we are also able to forgive others for their mistakes and shortcomings, not that they are ‘swept under the mat’, rather we are in a better position to help them deal with it by enabling them to forgive themselves.

Living in a competitive world often creates a ‘win or lose’ scenario but this needn’t be the case. Competition can bring out the winner or the loser whereas collaboration sees winners emerge on both sides.

There are more than enough resources for a ‘win-win’, it is only greed that insists there is not enough to go around.  There never will be enough for those who keep wanting more as they are ignoring what they already have and not putting it to good use.

Our basic needs are quite simple and we only punish ourselves by not allowing the opportunity of growth to flourish when our ambitions are not realised. imageThere will be a message in there somewhere.

When we see someone’s pain in their own non-acceptance of the consequences of their actions and can help them to overcome this obstacle then they, too, will realise that we care about them.

After all, we’re all looking at the same Moon.


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