Lookin' back to Luckenbach

lk2Luckenbach, Texas. A sleepy village made famous by Waylon Jennings and Willie Nelson’s song, represented the escape from high society to the simpler life.

‘Stop the world, I wanna get off and make it go away’ are words we’ve all heard or said at some time or another.¬†With our increasingly busy lives, the importance of ‘time out’ has gone from a necessity to a luxury.

We can’t all just drop everything and go, the world would fall apart if we did. So how can we cater for this universal need in the midst of our daily lives?

For those of us fortunate enough to have a garden or backyard oasis, the natural, calming influence of birds, flowers and foliage can provide a recuperative tonic. People who live in apartments can utilise their balconies to create a small nature space, those without them can set aside one corner of a bedroom or study for reading or meditation or just listening to music.

The important point here is to create a dedicated space for relaxation that doesn’t get cluttered with daily flotsam and jetsam. Having a retreat space ensures that we know it is possible to ‘escape it all’.

Not only will we feel rested but also recharged and able to make more effective decisions with more energy and vitality. It’s the old story of the woodsman stopping to sharpen his axe.

Rather than allowing the events of our routines to couple together like carriages in a train, a little time management can ensure that we do make space for conscious relaxation, family time and the pursuit of sports or hobbies.

Prevention is better than cure, so this is maintenance instead of insurance. We owe it to ourselves to maintain a balance in our lifestyle.

Waylon and Willie may believe that ‘the only two things in life that make it worth living are guitars that tune good and firm feelin’ women’. At least they’ve found their remedy, yours may be different but if it works for you that’s all that matters.

For those who are time poor for reasons outside their immediate control, this might be useful.

l3Even just putting aside one hour per week to pursue your personal desires will help to relieve stress and feel repurposed.

‘We’ve been so busy keeping up with the Jones
Four car garage and we’re still building on
Maybe it’s time we got back to the basics of love’

Thanks Waylon, thanks Willie.

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