Irresistible Influence

irr2Our five senses play a huge role in what we are attracted to as well as what we dislike. They are loyal servants which enable us to have a quality of life which we take for granted until we lose one or more of them. They form our frontline of initial reaction to circumstance and protect us from misadventure. They also allow us to ‘dwell’ in a situation of which they approve.

There is more to life than purely hedonistic pleasure, however, so what about our ‘inner senses’ of contentment, judgement, decision-making, motivation, etc? What do we look for and respond to with regard to these less physical faculties? Quite often we look to others when dealing with unresolved issues, whether it be for advice, information or inspiration.

There are some moments when all caution is thrown aside and the excitement of a new phenomenon sweeps us off our feet. Perhaps the most popular of these moments would be ‘falling in love’. An experience as old as the hills but new for each person who feels it. Ask someone who is doe-eyed and lovestruck about how they feel and they will probably be lost for words.

This feeling of ‘suppressed enthusiasm’ is highly attractive to us. Whether it be someone who has won the jackpot in a lottery, received a promotion or widespread acclaim, their inexpressible joy ‘leaks out’ for all to see and feel. We’d all like a piece of that action. The affirmation of success is universally recognised.

Can we utilise this dynamic in our personal and business lives? It is more than ‘positive thinking’. Is it a presumption of success, a victory claimed before the battle has started? Unfortunately many scammers and snake-oil salesman are good at promising the earth but delivering desert. This doesn’t mean that ‘buy before you try’ depends on slick patter and steak knives.

It is true that we tend to buy with emotion and justify with logic. The missing link-pin here is ethics. If we can illustrate a benefit beyond the buyer that unites the emotion and logic, then we have a winner. ‘The exquisite fragrance of Lotus Drops will make your husband fall in love with you all over again. The animals that haven’t been tested will love you too!’

Whatever ‘third dimension’ we can offer past the immediate sale will relieve the tension of a buying decision and assist in preventing ‘buyer remorse’. irr1The ‘Fair Trade’ appeal lies largely in our desire to extend the altruistic side of our nature rather than building loyalty by shopper rewards.

We are only limited by our imagination when it comes to developing this angle. A small step outside the square can bring big rewards and give us that Unique Selling Proposition.


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