Gonna, Goner, Gone!

imageWe all do it, don’t we? Most of us, at least, with the exception of those who have learned the lesson. The Road to Hell is paved with Good Intentions and for all those procrastinators, hoarders and ‘excuse-artists’ out there, I’ve got some great news for you. Firstly, however, we need to understand what it is that prevents us from fulfilling our best of intentions. We all mean it when we say ‘Yep, I’d like to do that’ and we all know the silent remorse we feelĀ when we see somebody else who does what we always wanted to do ourselves.

So what is this bogey that gets in our way and brings out the loser in us all?

It’s the same fiend that is responsible for our doubts, transgressions and failures.

He sits at our table, eats our food and shares our company.

He is a parasite that feeds on our dreams, hopes and aspirations and leaves us feeling drained.

His name is Indecision.

Procrastination is Indecision.

Hoarding is Indecision.

Excuses are Indecision by not deciding on the truth and failing to act.

Why do you think Executives and CEO’s get paid megabucks?

Our Political Masters are Decision Makers.

Even in the Armed Forces a bad decision is tolerated as better than no decision.

The merits or deficits of a decision will evoke its own outcome. It will be at least that, an outcome upon which the next decision can be made. The alternative is to put it on the back burner.image

There are many wise sayings and pithy comments about the inability to decide.

Choose the ones that ring your bell.

Do it now.

Ultimately it’s up to you.

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Welcome to this blog, my name is Bill and I look forward to being able to facilitate your journey of self discovery through articles, personal development tools and life skills which will not only liberate the potential within you from an emotional perspective but also to provide tools that will enable you to do some of the things you've always wanted and hoped you could do. I will introduce new material each week to build on a framework of progressive structure that speaks to most of the issues that tend to hold us back from achieving what is possible.

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