Going without, going within

imageTrusting that you all had a good Easter. For many of us it is a time for holidays, family, friends and for some a time of religious reflection. I enjoy Good Friday because any religion aside, it is a day when everything is closed and you have to make do with what you have.

One day of the year, apart from Christmas Day, where we have the opportunity to take stock of what is important to us. It’s actually fun, like when you were a kid going camping and had to improvise and be inventive.

Everyone breathes a big sigh of relief the next day, of course, when the shops reopen. We have become accustomed to our comfort zones and don’t like being taken out of them for too long.

imageOf course the Crucifixion is a symbol of Sufferance, the ultimate charity and Christ’s legacy is undisputed. By appreciating what we have and being prepared to extend charity on that behalf is the real message. Pay it forward.

May your Light shine for others to see and benefit.

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