FedEx my Feelings to FutureWorld

imageThe latest model of this machine can now outrun the fastest man on Earth. Drones deliver death from armchair comfort and our cars will soon drive themselves.

Mobile phones have only been around for a short time but have now become more than just a phone. We have driven technology to a point where it is driving us.

Not that it’s a bad thing in itself if used positively. The implications for our way of life, however, will be far-reaching. We are now in an era where computers actually learn, becoming smarter with time. They now learn like humans, through example and repetition.

The more data you feed into it and the more you allow it to learn, the smarter it becomes. With 2.5 billion gigabytes of data produced daily on our planet and the ability to translate and understand human speech, machines will become a very familiar part of the landscape.

It will be a re-education for us all, the hole-in-the-wall and ’60 seconds or it’s free’ mentality being replaced by the instant gratification offered by FutureWorld.

How we adapt to our new-found freedom will be interesting, surely none of us would object to more leisure time. Maybe. Some will be at a loss to know how to utilise it but most won’t. The idea of not having to work presents its own challenges.

Golf sounds good. So does travel, etc. The weather may not be the best, however, the full effects of global warming being sheeted home, just today a cyclone tore through Vanuata at 340 kph in some places.

The ocean has absorbed over 90% of the heat generated so far and is turning to carbonic acid from absorbing carbon dioxide, killing marine life and destroying oxygen sources. The consequence is hard to contemplate, a wonderland turned into a wasteland.

Life will change in many ways but we will be increasingly reliant on our knowledge base to learn, repeat and adapt as well. Machines can replicate but there is still a long way to go before they can create a new way of thinking.

warmFrankenstein is still a fantasy but for how long we don’t know. As long as there’s a Mr Hyde, we won’t see too much of Dr Jekyll. Until then, it seems as though we may be in for a challenging time. Each new answer will kick up several new questions and so learning continues.

One day we will graduate and tea will be served.





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