Days like This

chainFor those of us that haven’t read the book ‘Zen and the Art of motorcycle maintenance’ by Robert Pirsig, the point that the author was trying to get across was that quality, per se, is indefinable in that it is always a relative term. ‘Quality’ is determined by comparing one object or commodity with another one and the superior features and benefits displayed by one over the other will deem it be of a higher ‘quality’.

The ‘Zen’ part of the book looks at how we hoodwink ourselves into belief systems that don’t serve us well and begs the question of how we need to adopt a more wholistic viewpoint to be able to turn things around so that they work for us rather than against us.

The Zen approach is fascinating because it gets to the root of our own personal paradoxical paradigms (alliteration please) by questioning our sense of ownership of them. It is basically a process of letting go as opposed to implementation. It’s taking one step back, a deep breath, a moment to reflect, a refusal to identify with the momentum of that which we consider to be inevitable.

It is only when the various parts of our being are aligned in harmony that we can function at our best. Zen identifies with the target rather than the archer. This is visualization at its best. Avid watchers of ‘Kung Fu’ will remember the Master saying ‘Grasshopper, if you have no fear there is no place for the arrow to enter’.

Whether we refer to it as the ‘heart, body and soul’ or whatever, the alignment of our inner systems will determine our effectiveness in achieving our goals. There are many ways to assist this process, some of which are featured on this website.

frogFor must of us, we have the occasional ‘Days like This’ as in the Van Morrison song but they are few and far between. Personal Development programs can assist you to have these sorts of days a lot more often. This is the real benefit that keeps me coming back to this topic.

There are so many useful tools out there and so many ways to access them that we really should take advantage of whatever is useful for us to improve our lives. That the ‘world waits for no man’ points the way for us to become more proactive in shaping our own destiny.

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