Daunted but not Deterred

imageNatural enemies. Nature is full of them. The ecosystem would break down without the recycling and cleansing abilities of natural predators.

When we get sick we look for an antidote if our body’s immune system cannot produce enough antibodies, it’s own natural predators, to combat the illness.

So, too, there are times when we stumble on the personal development path and lapse into old ways and patterns of thinking. How do we remedy this setback?

Motivational quotes and stirring speeches have their place to inspire us but sometimes a more physical aspect is required to be incorporated into an antidote for lethargy.

Whether it’s walking, playing sport or yoga, by getting our physical energy circulating again, our thoughts will also become unstuck.

By letting go of our ‘stasis’ or static state, we allow the answers to come to us rather than chasing our own tail trying to find them.

Essentially we tend to spend too much time identifying with the problem rather than the solution.

Napoleon once said ‘I focus on the goal and the obstacles fall away before me’. Sounds easier said than done but greatness is not for the faint-hearted.

The path of personal growth is never-ending and by it’s very nature there will be times of pressing conflict within us as we battle our own inner demons and limitations.

Although we may lose battles along the way, the ultimate goal of winning the war must be kept in sight.

So when we do suffer a setback or defeat, we need to take a break and re-assess what is required to get back on track.

Quite often this will require doing the opposite of what we think we need to do in order to break the deadlock of negativity in our minds.

Call it a ‘circuit-breaker’ or ‘thinking outside the square’ to release the grip of the ‘Catch 22′ embrace which tells us we’re ‘damned if we do, damned if we don’t’.

Sometimes for us to stay sane, we need to go a little crazy. Our rational minds will reason us into a corner if our fuzzy, irrational intuition is overridden.

So if the moment beckons us to switch off or do something else, it may be for a good reason.

imageThe tortoise won because of slow and steady progress as opposed to the hare who burnt himself out by trying to achieve too much, too soon.

Better to arrive a bit late than ‘dead’ on time.

If you don’t give yourself a break, nobody else will.

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Welcome to this blog, my name is Bill and I look forward to being able to facilitate your journey of self discovery through articles, personal development tools and life skills which will not only liberate the potential within you from an emotional perspective but also to provide tools that will enable you to do some of the things you've always wanted and hoped you could do. I will introduce new material each week to build on a framework of progressive structure that speaks to most of the issues that tend to hold us back from achieving what is possible.

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