Crystal Ball or Glass Slipper?

imageWe can remember the past and imagine the future but we can only see and live in the present moment. Time passes, frame by frame, some of them presenting situations from which we would like to escape.

Cinderella’s story is familiar to us all and there are those times when we wished we had a Fairy Godmother. Failing that, the appeal of positive prognostications provide a reason to seek the services of a fortune teller and their crystal ball.

Ancient Chinese methods of divination such as yarrow sticks, tea leaves and the I Ching relied upon the conviction that there is no such thing as an accident, that everything is part of a matrix which interacts within itself in such a way that each part reflects the state of the other.

Interestingly, there are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching, 64 squares on a chessboard and 64 is 2 multiplied by itself 6 times. So it’s binary.

The only two absolutes are relativity and change. The I Ching distills change into those 64 hexagrams or states of change. The method that is employed to ascertain which of those states applies to the present moment also relies on focus or intent from the participant to align the energy of their query with the casting of the coins or sticks.

The binary quality of yes or no would suggest that on a guess, one has a 50% chance of being right, a fact employed by many a shonkster with mailing list scams. For example, mailing share price predictions where a selection of stocks was forecast to rise to half of the list and mailing the same stocks predicted to fall to the other half of the list would still yield profitable results. A mailing list of 100,000 names can be purchased fairly cheaply and if you lost half of the subscribers each time you would still have 3,125 subscribers after 5 issues who would have had consecutive wins.

Now statistics don’t lie but liars use statistics as we all know from our politicians, perfect examples of our facility to be misled. In Biblical days people were led by prophets, today by profits. No accident.

imageBlind Freddy can see that yesterday’s gone and tomorrow hasn’t yet happened, the best we can do now is to use our past experience and hopes for the future to make the present moment even better.

The Fairy Godmother would tap her wand on that.

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