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Hi! My name is Bill van de Graaff, I’m the owner of this website and an affiliate of Sean Rasmussen, whom I’ve known for six years. He is a Master of the Internet.

As well as Learn How to Blog, I will be providing a stream of personal development topics that can assist many to improve their lives. I derived enormous benefit from a personal development course I did and wish to share some of those secrets with you. They are not proprietory secrets, they are, like the oxygen we breathe, free to all until they ‘pave Paradise and put up a parking lot’.

Welcome aboard, this will be fun for us all, please comment and give feedback, the idea is to be interactive and respond to relevant issues.

If you would like to join Learn How to Blog or Content Marketing for Business or would like more info please drop us a line in the email box below.

Carry on!


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