Bigger than Ben Hur

imageThe movie blockbusters of the 1950’s were all bigger than Ben Hur when it came time to promote them and the scale of production was increased to satisfy the increasing appetite of a post war society.

Escapism can take many forms whether in print, music, film or even in art. The shift to cinema came when the technology could compete with the dream-weaving ability of the established media. The rest is history.

Though box offices still thrive, the halcyon days of romance, heroes and derring-do have yielded to the alternative influences of TV, video and internet. 

Social media is the new grapevine for community chatter, the ability to share all forms of media supplanting the former media barons choke hold on ephemera and sequestering thought control to fiction.

The online audience at any given time is bigger than all the movie tickets ever sold. The exposure that viral posts receive would make Cecil B de Mille drool. 

Rupert Murdoch has just had his offer of $80 billion for Time Warner rejected and is scraping together another $13.5 billion to try and seal the deal. That’s just for cable networks.

With the emerging third world markets another 3 billion consumers are coming online, with translation apps melting any linguistic barriers. As discussed in a previous post, ‘None of the above’, this will prove to be a killing field for targeted marketing.

imageOur biggest promise, however, is the ease with which any inspired soul can jump on the ether and contribute their passion without any editing or censorship, apart from the NSA or other government watchdogs.

The Emperor now has to wear clothes as the cast of thousands has increased many orders of magnitude and even fooling some of the public some of the time has become nigh impossible.

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