Beyond The Castle Walls

imageIn astrology our ‘ascendant’ is the persona we present to the world, attired in the armour needed to bear the ‘slings and arrows’ of daily life.

Each person’s coat-of-mail is slightly different, reflecting individual strengths and weaknesses from past experiences. Without it we are at the mercy of those who would exploit our softer side, so we keep our vulnerable feelings locked safely inside our castle of Content.

imageOur deepest feelings are the most closely guarded, often kept under lock and key from even our most trusted allies, such is the importance of them to us.

Betrayal is one of the most hurtful disappointments, ‘once bitten, twice shy’ being a natural reaction. The ability to voice one’s personal drama is celebrated through songwriting, poetry and prose and is seen as a courageous act.

Our vulnerability is, however, our redeeming quality. It makes us what we refer to as ‘human’ with regard to fallibility and sets us apart from machines in that we can accept paradoxical arguments that they can’t.

We find it possible to love someone even though we may hate what they’ve done; a machine can’t reconcile that. Our emotions often make us do things considered ‘irrational’ by a mechanical mindset.

Our deepest feelings define us in our sense of identity, belonging and security. They are crucial to our sanity and sense of well-being.

Some of these can be so intense and deep that we even lock them away from ourselves because they are so overwhelming. Trauma and abuse are but two of these that can be too difficult to deal with.

‘A psychotic builds castles in the air, a psychopath lives in them and a psychiatrist collects the rent’. Admittedly that’s putting a rather fine point on it but it does illustrate the power of our innermost feelings.

Having someone to talk to who will listen to us is so valuable because by externalising our thoughts and emotions we can see them more clearly and through doing so can often find our own solution.

imageEven an inanimate object such as Wilson, the basketball in the movie ‘Castaway’ with Tom Hanks can serve as friend and confidante when there is no other human to fill the role.

That ‘no man is an island’ shows us we are all part of a homogeneous blob called humanity and share the same source, the rivers of our lives ending up in the same ocean. Perhaps the recognition of our mortality keeps us humble and able to relate to our fellow man with love and understanding, without which we’d all be lost.




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