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If you are planning a business, or already are in business and want to stay in business, you must have good online presence. Blogging with LHTB is an effective, low-cost method of establishing your brand, promoting and getting your business out on the Internet, and most importantly the people you want to reach.

  • Get a complete website
  • One on One Live Chat Support
  • Complete 12 months of Modules 
  • $1 for the first Month! 
  • Large Community
  • Dedicated Team
  • Years of Industry Experience 


Happy LHTB Clients

  • I want to share with everyone how much Sean Rasmussen has helped me. Previous to learning Sean's methods for blogging, I tried five years to make money online with no success. Within 3 weeks of implementing Sean's easy to follow instructions to build a successful blog, I made my first affiliate sale. My most successful blog earned an average of $600.00 per month in 2011 with my best month, December, raking in $1850.00 extra cash, which was fantastic at Christmas time. I'm so glad I put into practice what I have learned from Sean.

    Bev Langford, Learn How To Blog, Client

  • With Sean’s help I was able to transform my business from one where I worked long hours everyday to one that gives me total freedom and flexibility. It was incredibly easy to do. I was pregnant when I started putting my strategy together and before the baby was even born I made over $17,000 of income online. My business is now completely online and automated. I have over $45,000 of recurring annual membership subscriptions and I get to be home every day with my baby.

    Sally Parish , Learn How To Blog, Client

Why Choose Learn How To Blog?

The LHTB program is a 12 month step by step course designed for you to effectively learn our best kept professional blogging secrets, knowledge and skills enabling you to easily build and manage your own website while having fun all throughout.

Break free from the 9-5 chains you are tied to. Work your own hours doing what you love. Isn't that the reason why you got a job in the first place? To have the means to do the things you love, visit places you want to visit and be with people you want to be with. How is that working out when your job is taking too much of your time sucking the life out of you? Live the life you love, love the life you live.

What better way to learn than with step by step video tutorials? Your Learn How to Blog membership includes a vast range of video tutorials that will help you get familiar with all of the aspects of your new website.